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Click for larger viewWe believe your dog should be your pet, protector, and pal. We believe the entire family should be part of the whole training process. All About Paws, Inc. offers obedience courses, which encourage positive interaction between family and pet. Communication is a major component of the human/animal bond, we take great pride in showing you how to understand and communicate with your dog.

We also believe dogs are natural protectors; therefore, we do not offer protection training. Once a dog is raised in a loving environment, he will instinctively protect his family.

We feel dogs are like our children. They are to be loved, cared for, and protected just as you would your child. At the same time, dogs need to have a firm leader to teach them right from wrong. In turn, dogs adore, respect and listen to their owners.

Pedro Lanza became a Professional Dog Trainer in July 1997 from Canine Connections. He then became the Official Trainer for the Humane Society of Greater Miami. For 10 years, he taught puppy, basic, and advanced obedience group classes, as well as assisted, behaviorally with troublesome dogs that entered the shelter. He has also worked with several local rescue groups. Pedro has met and assisted Cesar Millan at his Miami Seminar.

He has appeared on several television talk shows as well as weekly segments on Telemundo, featuring the HSGM’s dog of the week while giving training tips. He currently volunteers with the Gulfstream Rottweiler Club of Greater Miami, where he assesses and assists with dogs who have been abandoned and traumatized who are to be put up for adoption. He is also an AKC evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen Test. Pedro has been described by many of his clients as the “Dog Whisperer of Miami!”


BubbuPedro often gets asked, “How did you get into Dog Training?” Well, here is the story…

In 1994, I gave my wife, Marlen (girlfriend at the time), a Rottweiler from my female. We named him Bubbu (pronounced ‘Bubba’). He was an awesome dog with people, but hated other male dogs and had NO social skills. We didn’t really know much about properly raising a dog and how important proper socialization is. By the time he was 7 months old, we took a Basic Obedience course. We thought he was trained and didn’t need to continue to practice, since he got his certificate. 

Well, by a year old....he wanted to fight every male dog in sight and started testing our authority as the ‘alpha.’ We went back to take Advanced Obedience, however when we entered this class, Bubbu charged another male dog, Marlen fell on the floor and all heads turned. The trainer told us, “You just missed the Basic Obedience; this is the Advanced class (off-leash).” We said, “Yes we know…we already took Basic, we are here for the Advanced.” The trainer said, “Oh, no you’re not!” Needless to say, we had to retake the Basic Obedience class and then the Advanced. After that, he was still quite difficult. So we had to take several private classes as well. After much training, advice from the experts, and not to mention love and patience, we had an incredibly AWESOME 2 year old dog…who ended up accomplishing A whole LOT! 

About a year after that, we received a mailing from Canine Connections-the training company we used. They were starting their own dog training school. Pedro did so much work with Bubbu, that he learned an enormous amount of information about dog behavior. He was also volunteering with our veterinarian and joined the Gulfstream Rottweiler Club. With the genuine love Pedro has always had for dogs and the more involved he became in the animal community, this mailing from Canine Connections could not have come at a better time! He signed up for the course and became a Professional Dog Trainer. Now, 11 years later, he dedicates his life in helping others understand their dogs in order to have lasting, loving relationships with their pets.