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Pet Sitting

We will pet-sit your dog or cat while you are away. Why leave him at a boarding facility when you can leave him at the comfort of his home? Leaving a pet at a boarding facility, such as your vet or a kennel, exposes him to many unwanted stressors. They can become nervous and irritable when placed in an outside environment. They can loose hair, chew on their skin, and even pick up negative and unwanted behaviors along the way. 

Who wants his or her best friend enduring such stress? NOBODY! We go to your home and do everything with your pet just as you would based on specific instructions you leave for us. Tell us what you do with your pet on a daily basis, and we will oblige. For example, if your dog needs to go on a bike ride with you in order to do ‘his thing’ (Don’t laugh we’ve done it before) or walk a specific path to ‘take care of business,’ just tell us. It’s as simple as that. We will do it… GUARANTEED! 

Our main objective is for your pet to be as comfortable as possible. By leaving him in his home and following his own routine, you will make the best out of an already uncomfortable situation. You will be doing your part to make your pet feel most relaxed with the situation. No pet wants his owners to go out of town. They like their people with them at all times.

We will even arrange to come to your home as often as you would like. If you want us to come just one time or even three times a day, we will be there. Our main concern is to do whatever it takes to help your pet feel happy. This in turn, will help you, the owners, have peace of mind and be happy as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Prices vary depending on location and number of visits per day. Contact us today to find out our unbelievable prices. 

Ask us about our In house Pet-Sitting Services.